How do I use Milestone XProtect with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud?

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is validated for use with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software


Note - For activation and installation of Wasabi Surveillance Cloud software instructions, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.

Pre Configuration Steps

1. Create a bucket in your Wasabi account via the Wasabi Console.

2. If you don't have access and secret key pair (API Keys), you can create one by following the instructions here.

Configuration for Replication/Disaster Recovery

1. Start the Milestone XProtect Management Client application. Click on the Disaster Recovery option in the site navigation menu, and then click on Enable in the right window. See screenshot below for reference.


2. Enter the following info as explained below -

Server URL - Set this to the appropriate region service URL (Use this article for reference)

Access Key - Paste your WSC Account access key here

Secret Key - Paste your WSC Account secret key associated with the access key above, here

Click on List buckets and select the bucket you would like to use as the target for the recordings. 


Hit OK when done.

Note - Make sure to select a DIFFERENT bucket/container for EACH volume

3. To start the replication process, switch the “Inactive” to “Active” (top right). Within a few minutes (depending how many cameras and files are managed), Wasabi Surveillance Cloud software will start replicating and display the % of local data that has been replicated to the cloud.


NOTE: After all existing files have been replicated, this number will typically be just shy of 100%, unless you stop the camera streams or the recording server in order for the most current data to reach your Wasabi target.



Configuration for Storage Extension

Use the Extension option to make your local volume appear bigger and infinitely scalable. This functionality can be activated on your Recording storage(s), your Archive(s), or both. It can be activated with or without Disaster Recovery. When activated with Disaster Recovery, Extension uses a subset of the data already replicated on the DR target.

1. Select the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud “Extension” tab


Note - For each volume where Extension is desired, click “Enable" as shown above.

2. If Disaster Recovery has already been configured for this volume, you will NOT be prompted for your storage account details as your data does NOT get replicated twice. The same bucket will be used.

Make sure to select a DIFFERENT bucket for EACH volume.

3. Choose “By Age” to keep camera data locally for a specific amount of time or choose “By Size” to keep it until your local drive reaches a specified capacity threshold. When either condition is met, content is removed and replaced by zero-byte stub files. Data is safely kept in the Wasabi bucket until the retention time set on your storage volume is met. Make sure to maintain enough “free” space on your recording drive to ensure Milestone has enough room to continue recording during an internet outage.


4. To start the replication process, switch from “Inactive” to “Active” (top right). Within a minute, Surveillance Cloud will display the % of local data that has been replicated to the cloud.



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