How do I use Comet Backup with Wasabi?

Comet Backup has been certified for use with Wasabi.  The tips and screen shots below provides details on the available configuration options:


Configure Wasabi as a storage destination for your Comet Enterprise server:

During the Enterprise setup wizard, step 4 allows you to configure a Wasabi account as a storage destination.

  1. During the ‘Customer data storage’ step select ‘Advanced / Cloud storage – Setup…‘

  1. From the drop-down select Wasabi and enter your account details and hit ‘Save’.

You have now configured your Wasabi account as a backup destination for your Comet Enterprise server.


Configure the Comet desktop agent to backup directly Wasabi:

The Comet desktop agent allows you to configure backing up directly from the device to Wasabi.

  1. Select ‘Account’ from the left hand menu in the agent

  1. Select ‘+ Add Storage Vault’ from the bottom of the agent. This will start the storage vault configuration options. Select ‘Custom…’

  1. From the general tab enter a name for the storage vault

  1. Navigate to the Storage page and from the drop down select Wasabi. Enter the details of your account and hit ‘Save’

  1. Your storage vault will now be visible and selectable during the backup and restore process


You have now configured the Comet desktop agent to backup directly to Wasabi.  


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