I have some questions about Wasabi Direct Connect & Wasabi's use of AWS Direct Connect - where can I get more information?

Wasabi Direct Connect and Wasabi's usage of AWS Direct Connect are two different connectivity options that are described here.   Additional info on these connectivity options is provided in the FAQ list below.


Q1.  How are Wasabi Direct Connect and Wasabi's usage of AWS Direct Connect different?

A1.  Both Direct Connect offerings have the common goal of providing private high-speed connectivity from your compute environment to Wasabi's storage service.   The two options differ in that Wasabi Direct Connect is used to connect your non-AWS compute resources & apps to Wasabi storage whereas AWS Direct Connect is used to connect your AWS compute (i.e. EC2) resources & apps to Wasabi storage.   


Q2.   How much does Wasabi Direct Connect and AWS Direct Connect cost?

A2.  The monthly port price of Wasabi Direct Connect is the same as AWS Direct Connect for 1 & 10 Gb/s ports.    This AWS per-hour pricing is provided below and translates to:

  • $216/mo for 1 Gb/s (based on $.30/hour * 24 hours/day * 30 days/month)
  • $1,620/mo for 10 Gb/s (based on $2.25/hour * 24 hours/day * 30 days/month)

Note that Wasabi Direct Connect is only available on a monthly, not hourly basis.  Unlike AWS Direct Connect, which also charges a data transfer out fee on top of the port fee, with Wasabi Direct Connect, there are no additional fees for data transfer in or out in accordance with our free egress policy.

Also, if you are using AWS Direct Connect with Wasabi, any AWS Direct Connect fees are charged to your AWS account.       When using Wasabi Direct Connect, the monthly port usage fees are charged to your Wasabi account.


Q3.  When is Wasabi Direct Connect and AWS Direct Connect be available?

A3.  Wasabi Direct Connect is currently available.   AWS Direct Connect on Wasabi is available for in select scenarios; please contact us for details.  


Q4.  I know that one can do a free trial of Wasabi’s storage service but is a free trial of Wasabi Direct Connect or AWS Direct Connect also possible?

A4.  Not at this time; the provisioning of these Direct Connect methods requires the manual setup of transport connectivity and associated third-party fees that do not allow for a free trial of this function.   Wasabi will be making performance test results available soon that will allow interested customers to evaluate the benefit of the Direct Connect options.


Q5.  How do I get my Wasabi or AWS Direct Connect connection to Wasabi’s data centers and are their extra fees?

A5.  The Wasabi Direct Connect reference model to consider for this question is provided below (this example pertains to the us-east region):


In this example, it is your responsibility to provide the private network connection from your data center to Wasabi’s service provider meet-me interconnect point.      The 1 or 10 Gb/s connection from the meet-me-point to Wasabi is Wasabi’s responsibility (and the cost of this is covered in the Wasabi Direct Connect port fees).

The same model applies when AWS Direct Connect is used:





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