How do I use Archiware P5 with Wasabi?

Archiware P5 is certified for use with Wasabi. Some details on the Archiware - Wasabi joint solution can be found this solution brief here and on the Archiware website. To use this product with Wasabi, follow the config guidelines below.

1.  Select the "Start Setup Assistant" as shown below


2.  During the second assistant step, where you need to identify the target storage, you click on "Create object storage":


3.  Create new object store service or select one already  configured:


4.  Configure the Cloud Service Provider for Wasabi as shown below. 

5. Configure the appropriate Wasabi credentials
6. The final step is to assign a staging area:
After these steps are performed you should have an operational backup to your Wasabi storage account.

Note that this example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article

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