How does Wasabi compare to Backblaze B2?


When comparing Wasabi to Backblaze B2, here are some differences to consider:

1.  Wasabi doesn't charges for API calls (Backblaze B2 charges for API calls above a certain level) or download egress (Backblaze B2 charges $.01 / GB)

2.  Wasabi's read/write speeds are generally regarded to be faster than those that can be attained with Backblaze B2 (see this reference).

3.  Wasabi uses the AWS S3 API as it's preferred storage interface (vs. a proprietary storage interface used by Backblaze B2).   Hundreds of storage apps support the S3 API (many examples are listed at vs. a lower number of apps that support the Backblaze B2 proprietary API.   If you want to have the maximum choice in storage apps, then using a service that supports the S3 API is the best approach. 

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