How do I use Equinix with Wasabi?

Equinix is a not a storage application but rather a network service provider that Wasabi customers can use for connectivity to the Wasabi hot cloud storage service.   

Wasabi is now connected to the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric.  More details can be found here. This fabric allows you to interface to Wasabi Direct Connect using Equinix's software-defined interconnection fabric. 

You can find Wasabi in the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric Provider Directory as a 'Local Connection' in in Amsterdam and Washington DC Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric location and as a 'Remote Connection in other cities.   This approach allows a Wasabi customer in Dallas (for example) to connect to the Equinix Fabric in Dallas and ride the fabric to Wasabi's local connection in Washington, DC.   



Wasabi is also listed in the Equinix Marketplace.   You can find Wasabi listed as a Cloud & IT / IaaS / Storage provider in the marketplace for the Washington DC DC3 location (see below)   

For further info on how to use Equinix for public and private connectivity to Wasabi, please contact us or the Equinix team


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