How do I use Scality Zenko with Wasabi?

Scality Zenko is a multi-cloud data management platform that can be used with Wasabi.   This solution brief describes the joint Scality Zenko + Wasabi solution.

In order to use Zenko with Wasabi, follow the simple steps explained below.

Step 1 : Login to Zenko Orbit

Zenko Orbit is the Scality cloud based portal to access your Zenko instance. Login to your Orbit dashboard to add Wasabi as your Storage Location.

Step 2 : Add Storage Location

Once you are logged in to Orbit, navigate the left option bar and click on Storage Locations as shown below.


Next, click on Add New to add a new Storage Location.


Enter the information (Location Name, select Location Type as Wasabi, Access key, Secret key, Bucket Name and the appropriate service URL for Wasabi under Wasabi Endpoint) as shown in the example below, and then hit Save.

Note - The Wasabi Target Bucket Name has to be an existing bucket on Wasabi. The Wasabi Endpoint URL entry depends where your buckets are located. See here for more information on Wasabi service URLs.


Step 3 : Create a bucket in Zenko

Click on the Browser option that opens up the Multi Cloud Browser.




Create a bucket here that will act as the source bucket used to transfer files to Wasabi.


 Now, double click on the bucket name and you can upload files here.


Step 4 : Replication

In order to replicate your data to Wasabi, you can use Zenko's Replication service.


Add a new work flow under Replication. In the example below, we have an existing Source bucket tied to Zenko which we will be replicating to Wasabi.


Hit Save, and at this point any files that get uploaded to the Zenko source bucket 'wasabi-target' will be replicated to your Wasabi bucket.




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