How does the Wasabi Client immutable bucket work?

This article provides more details in the Wasabi Cloud (Immutable) storage bucket.  The use of Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows causes to Wasabi storage buckets to be pre-built in your Wasabi hot storage account.    These buckets are associated with the Wasabi Cloud & Wasabi Cloud (Immutable) drive volumes that are mounted on your Mac or Windows PC. You should not attempt to rename or delete these pre-built buckets (but if you do, logging out of Wasabi Client and back in will cause these buckets to be re-created).

The Wasabi Cloud drive allows for full read/write access.  The Wasabi Cloud (Immutable) drive is setup in a manner that you can write a file or folder to the drive but then you won't be able to delete the file or folder until the retention period expires.   These settings are to prevent accidental or malicious deletions or modifications of the files and folders in the Wasabi Cloud (Immutable) drive.  

The default settings for the Wasabi Cloud (Immutable) drive are as follows:

- Lock Compliance = off (this means you can change the immutable drive settings)

- Delete After Retention = off (this means we won't delete the file after the retention period expires)

- Retention Time = 1 year

If you wish to change these settings, you can not currently do this from Wasabi Client.  Instead, you have to login to the Wasabi Management Console at  Once logged in, follow these steps below to make the changes you want.

1. From the Storage menu, select the 'wasabi-immutable-cloud...' bucket


2.  Select the gear icon in the upper right and go to the 'Compliance' tab


3.  From within the Compliance Settings area, you have the ability to change the parameters as  you wish.   If you select 'LOCK COMPLIANCE', you will not be able to make further changes to these settings unless you seek help from Wasabi Support.     

Further info on Bucket Compliance can be found in this excerpt from our technical documentation.

Please note that as of April 2019, no further updates or enhancements are planned for Wasabi Client.  Further details are provided on our Downloads page and in this article   

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