How does file caching work with Wasabi Client?

When using Wasabi Client to upload files to the Wasabi hot cloud storage service, there is a temporary caching of the files on your local PC or Mac.   This article provides details on how this works. 

For both the PC and Mac versions of Wasabi Client, when you are uploading files to the Wasabi hot cloud storage service, the files are temporarily cached on your local disk before sending the files to Wasabi.  This is normal convention for storage clients but it can pose a challenge if you are tight on local disk space.   The Wasabi Client generally requires local disk caching space that is 2x the volume of files you are trying to transfer to Wasabi.   For example, if you are trying to send 10 GB of files to Wasabi, you will need up to 20 GB of local disk space for the caching.

The local disk caching is only temporary.  There are two types of local disk storage used by Wasabi Client (Upload & Cache). The location and duration of the cache is explained below. 

1. When files are being uploaded to the Wasabi hot cloud storage service, they are saved to uploads and stored there until the upload is complete.  Afterwards, they are moved to cache and stay there as regular cached files as described below. 
The location of the upload and cache files are as follows:
On a Mac, the upload files are stored in this location:
~/Library/Application Support/com.wasabi.wasabidrive/.uploads
On a Mac, the cache files are stored in a system temporal folder. It is not possible to provide the full path to it, as it will be different on different machines at different times. A sample path would be /private/var/folders/ft/_6pbc95n5mn99zw0yb1xf2m40000gn/T/.cache (where /private/var/folders will be the same for all machines and the rest of the path will be generated by the local OS).
On a PC, the upload files are stored in this location:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Wasabi\WasabiClient{bucket}{random.file} location.
They can be removed only if the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Wasabi\WasabiClient{bucket}\uploads.json is empty (contains just the "[]").
On a PC, the cache files are stored in this location:
%TEMP%\WasabiClient{random.folder}{bucket}{random.file} location.  %TEMP\WasabiClient folder can be deleted only when WC is not running. Legacy {random.folder} folders can be cleaned, if needed.
2. For any type of file operation (upload, download, opening etc.) files are being saved to cache and stored there for 8 hours since the last operation or until the Wasabi Client drive is unmounted or until you quit the Wasabi Client app.  If you need to delete these files before the 8 hours and can find them on your local machine, you can delete them.  If needed, the best way to clean the cache would be restarting the app or (re)mounting drives. 
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