How do I use Rubrik with Wasabi?

Wasabi is a validated member of Rubrik's Technology alliance program and we have worked with Rubrik to certify our joint solution. This solution brief describes how Rubrik can be used with Wasabi. To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the configuration steps below.

Note: Rubrik's cloud data management software release 4.2.2 and above is certified to be used with Wasabi. The testing below was conducted with release 5.0

1. Access Archival Locations from settings as shown below:



2. Click on the "+" in archival location 


3. Choose Object Store in the Archival Type dropdown and provide the variables

Note: For the Rubrik application to integrate with Wasabi - the specific location must be identified in the URL is required hence isn't supported.

  • Archive Type: Use Object Store
  • Object Store Vendor: S3 Compatible (Basho, Cloudian, IBM, COS, IIJ, etc)
  • Access Key: use your Wasabi Access Key
  • Secret Key: use your Wasabi Secret Key
  • Host NamePlease the location URL as listed here:
    • us-east-1 ->
    • us-west-1 ->
    • eu-central-1 ->
  • Bucket prefix = unique name (End bucket name on the Wasabi side will be {bucket-name)-rubrik-0)
  • Number of buckets = 1
  • Update the Archival Location Name (Optional — this corresponds to the name in the Rubrik GUI)
  • Add a RSA key for encryption and select "Add"





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