How do I use Panzura with Wasabi?

Panzura Freedom Filer is certified for use with Wasabi hot cloud storage.  You can configure the Panzura filer to use the Wasabi cloud storage using the setup wizard in the initial bring up or from the the main webUI configuration page.   To learn more about the Panzura - Wasabi joint solution, please review the partner solution brief here.

Prerequisites for the filer:

  • A Wasabi storage account
  • Bucket name
  • Panzura Filer running CloudFS version (Hardware appliance, VMware OVA, AWS/AMI, Azure/VHD or Google/GCE instance)
  • Panzura license token or license files

 Prerequisites for deploying the OVA for POC:

  • 4vCPUs and 32GB RAM ( Refer to the Panzura VMware install guide for details)
  • 1TB SSD datastores for metadata and Cache 

Note: Refer to the Panzura Admin Guide and platform appropriate installation guide for detailed prerequisites and instructions.     

The following instructions describe how to configure the Panzura filer deployed in VMware environment to use the Wasabi cloud storage as the back-end object store for storing your data.

The example below is for deploying a Panzura CloudFS OVA in a VMware environment.


Setup Wizard

After powering on the Panzura VM, follow the steps below to configure the filer using the setup wizard:

  1. Using a Chrome browser connect using the filer’s IP address
  2. Login with the username admin and password admin
  3. Accept the EULA and change the password
  4. Configure network setting (gateway, subnet mask and DNS)
  5. Enter license
  6. Configure time setting (recommend connecting to a NTP server)
  7. Configure filer roles settings (master, subordinate)
  8. Allocate datastore for metadata and cache
  9. Configure cloud storage provider to Wasabi - see screen shot below
  10. Select protocol (SMB/NFS/Both)
  11. Configure the Active Directory Domain to join
  12. Review the summary page and select Finish  

The completes the initial configuration of the Panzura Freedom Filer and will log you into the main webUI.  For additional details, please contact your local Panzura representative.

Note:  The following example shows how to configure to Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article.


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