Access to Wasabi's eu-central-1 region

If you are a user of Wasabi's newest storage region (eu-central-1 in Amsterdam, NL), the following guidelines apply:

1. On 5 March 2019, Wasabi opened our eu-central-1 region for all users.  To access this region, you can use the S3 service URL specified here ( and create a storage bucket in the eu-central-1 region.  

2. Wasabi does not yet support cross-region replication between eu-central-1 and other Wasabi regions.  This capability is planned for mid-2019.

3. If you are migrating storage to Wasabi eu-central-1 from another Wasabi region via a third-party tool or by uploading the storage again from your storage source app and you intend to delete your storage from the original Wasabi region once the storage is migrated to eu-central-1, please contact us so we can make sure you do not incur any unexpected storage charges associated with deleting your old storage. 

4. It is not possible to change the bucket location from us-east or us-west to eu-central-1 via the Wasabi Management Console or other API methods. 



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