How do I use Acembly for bucket migration and duplication?

Acembly can be used for various cloud management and cloud-to-cloud migration functions, including the migration of data from one Wasabi bucket to another Wasabi bucket.  For an intra-Wasabi scenario, you could (for example) use this tool to migrate or duplicate your data from a bucket in the Wasabi us-east region to a bucket in the Wasabi eu-central region.

To use Acembly for this purpose, follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for an account at  For the migration use case describe in this article, there is no cost to use Acembly (subject to change based on Acembly pricing policy).

2. Once you have setup your Acembly account, choose Wasabi as the cloud provider as shown below.


3. Enter in your Wasabi API access & secret key info in the fields shown below.  If needed, you can create a separate API key set for use only with Acembly that is different than your regular API key set (this can be done from the Wasabi Management Console). 


4. Once the setup is done, then choose the Transfer option on the left of the screen.   Then select your Source Account and Source Bucket.   Then select your Destination Account and Destination Bucket.  Then select 'Direct' as the transfer option.  In the example below, the source bucket (jim-us-east) is in the us-east region and the destination bucket (jim-eu-central) is in the eu-central region.


5. Once the source and target buckets have been selected, you can move (migrate) or copy (duplicate) the files from one bucket to the other.  You can select the files and then choose Move or Copy or you can simply drag the files and folders from one side to the other.  In the example below, the files shown in us-east in step 4 have been moved to eu-central.  The Acembly management console tells you when the transfer has started and when it has been completed. 



6.  Once you have moved (migrated) the files from one bucket, you have the option of deleting the source bucket if you no longer need it.  Or, you can keep the files in both buckets (but you should be aware that Wasabi does charge you for each copy of the file you have so if you keep a file in both buckets, you will pay for both copies).

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