How do I use Wasabi File Acceleration (WFA)?


Wasabi enterprise customers* now have an option of transferring files to and from Wasabi’s hot cloud storage via the Wasabi File Acceleration solution. The use of file acceleration technology to speed up file transfers is common in several industries.  Wasabi jointly with a technology alliance partner FileCatalyst, are introducing a new offering with this ability.

*The use of the capability is generally best suited for customers that have 100 TB or more in Wasabi storage and have sufficient network connectivity to use the feature.  Please contact Wasabi Sales for additional information. 

The Wasabi File Acceleration (WFA) utilizes the following reference topology:


The function of the element’s solution are described below:

  • Wasabi HotFolder Application:  This is a software client that you install on your Mac or Windows platform.  This is the only product that you need to install in your local environment
  • Wasabi File Acceleration Server: This is server software that terminates the FileCatalyst protocol and is hosted on Wasabi-associated compute resources.  This server software is preconfigured and you do not need to make any changes to this configuration.
  • Wasabi Storage:  This is the Wasabi hot cloud storage service.  You can use your standard Wasabi account username & password when using this solution.

Once you have installed the appropriate Wasabi HotFolder for your host platform, please contact Wasabi so that we can set up an account for you in our WFA Server instance. As part of this setup, we will need the following information:

  • Email address associated with Wasabi
  • Access & Secret keys
  • Bucket name for HotFolder association

This is so that the WFA Server instance can send the uploaded files to your designed Wasabi storage bucket.  

Note: You do have the option of setting up a sub-user and associated bucket and bucket policies so that you do not need to provide the API keys for your root account.  The procedure for this configuration is provided below in the Appendix of this document. If you want to use the sub-user approach, please set this up before you contact Wasabi as we will need the API key info from this procedure.


Accessing the WFA Software

You can access the install packages from the following URLs:


Configuring the WFA software for use with Wasabi

Please follow the config steps below to set up the client software for use with Wasabi

1. Launch Wasabi HotFolder installer and follow the installation instructions to install the client software


Select the Connection Type of your local network & click next


2. Configure the following details

    • Host: or
    • Uncheck “Anonymous”
    • Configure username & password (provided to you by Wasabi)



3. Click “Next”



4. If default configuration is preferred, click “Finish”, if not click “Next”



5. In the “Add a HotFolder” tab, provide a Hotfolder ID and a directory and Click Next (optional step)


 6. Create a “task” and click “Next” – an optional step



7. Review the configuration that’s been made in the summary page


8. Click Finish


9. Launch Wasabi HotFolder client



10. The site information that you created during installation will be listed under “Sites


11. Click “Connect” and a browser opens up which allows you to transfer files



12. Alternatively you could choose the schedule a File Transfer task via “Scheduler” (if a Task wasn’t created during the FileCatalyst client installation) Click on “Scheduler” and then “+New



13. Provide a name to the Task “FCTask” as an example, rest of the configuration are optional



14. Click “Finish"


15. To Trigger a transfer of files to Wasabi using FileCatalysts accelerator, click on “Execute



16. While the files are being transferred, you can also see the activity behind the scenes by clicking on the “Activity” button


All files moved to your hotfolder will be copied to your Wasabi bucket once you execute the Scheduled Task you created


If your needs require multiple WFA instances but would like to write the content to single Wasabi account in various buckets, Review the following link to help you configure the Wasabi account and create user separation between your WFA users.


In this above architecture, each HotFolder Client will have their own private bucket, creating IAM policy on Wasabi will allow you to create user separation and keep data between each sub-user private from other users.

To achieve the above structure, follow steps below in the same order:

  • Create sub-users
  • Associated S3 API keys for each sub-user
  • Associate a IAM policy for each sub-user which restricts buckets being exposed to other sub-users
  • Once above steps have been achieved – steps outlined from 1 thru 16 in this document will need to be performed for each HotFolder Client instance.


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