How can I export a copy of my configuration in a debug file?

To facilitate customer support and more effectively service you, a Wasabi support technician may request that you download and email a debug file to help Wasabi Support.

To do so:

Go to the Wasabi Console...My Profile...and select the Settings tab. 

Click the Download Debug Info button:

A message indicates that the file is downloading:


You will be prompted to save the file (wasabi-support-config-<date>.json) 

The file will contain:

  • a list of your Access Keys for the root user and your sub-accounts (just the Access Key, NOT the Secret Key)
  • A list of your Buckets and their settings. 
  • A list of your groups and their settings. 
  • A list of your policies.
  • A list of your roles.
  • A list of your sub-accounts.

If asked, you can email this file to

Documentation for this is located here

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