How do I use Wasabi Client for Windows?

Wasabi Client for Windows is a free Wasabi-provided application that allows you to mount Wasabi hot cloud storage in your Windows OS environment.  To use the app, the following prerequisites apply:

  • Windows 10 (Home or Pro version) is the minimum OS.  Wasabi Client for Windows is not formally supported on any other Windows OS (including Windows 7 or Windows Server)
  • Sufficient free disk space on your Windows machine to use the product (review this article so you understand how Wasabi Client file caching works)

Before you install Wasabi Client for Windows, you should also review topics and articles below. These articles help you understand whether or not Wasabi Client for Windows is a fit for your use case.

  • An understanding of what this app does and doesn't do (this article will help)
  • An understanding of the limitations of the app (this article will help)

Please note that as of April 2019, no further updates or enhancements are planned for Wasabi Client.  Further details are provided on our Downloads page and in this article


After you have reviewed the above information, please proceed with the installation instructions below. 

1. Download the Wasabi Client for Windows installation package from here.

2. After downloading, select the icon and click Install. When the setup is complete, you will see the message shown below. This quick start video may also be helpful. 



3. Click Finish. When the installation is complete, the Sign up/Log in screen is displayed, as shown below.

If you already have a Wasabi account, click Log in under the Sign up button and continue by logging in.  

If you don't already have a Wasabi account, enter your name, email address, and password. Then, click Sign up.  Wasabi will send a verification number to your email address. Enter this 6-digit number (in place of 000000) and click OK. 




4. After login, in the Windows task bar, the following icon will be displayed:


And, the following icon will appear as a desktop shortcut 



5. Once you start Wasabi Client, you will then have control over the drive letter mappings for the two auto-built Wasabi buckets by selecting the Wasabi Client icon in the Windows task bar.  This article explains the differences between the buckets.  For additional information on using Wasabi Client for Windows, please review the user documentation:

- User Guide (html)

- User Guide (pdf)

- Release Notes (pdf)





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