How do I use Altaro with Wasabi?

Altaro VM Backup is validated for use with Wasabi.  For more info on how Wasabi and Altaro work together for the backup of VMware and HyperV environments, please visit this page. To use your Wasabi Storage Account as an offsite copy location for your VMs via Altaro VM Backup, please proceed as follows:


  • Altaro backup software release 8.5.17 or higher

Note: Altaro software 8.14.11 has been released. Wasabi recommends that all Altaro customers using Wasabi cloud storage upgrade to this release and change configuration as outlined in the following Altaro article

1. Open the Altaro VM Backup management console and go to  Setup Backup Location.

2. Click Add Offsite Location


3. Choose the Cloud Backup to Wasabi Cloud Storage Account option and click Next:


4. Pick the Region, then enter the Access Key and the Secret Key, then click List Wasabi Buckets and then select your preferred Bucket.

You can also create a new one from this screen if you wish:

Note that this config example discusses the use of Wasabi's eu-central-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article

Note : review following article to access Access & Secret keys via Wasabi console 

Note: Altaro backup software doesnt support writing to Wasabi's immutable bucket. Ensure compliance mode for your bucket is disabled. Refer to documentation on enabling/disabling compliance mode.


Click Test Connection and once the connection is successful then click Finish

Note: As of the latest Altaro v 8.27 build 8.27.3, Altaro does not support the Paris and Frankfurt Wasabi regions.  

5. Your new Offsite Location will appear in your Backup Locations list as below. To change the Connection String you can click the Edit (pencil) icon.


6. Lastly, select the VMs you wish to assign to this rotation and Drag and Drop them from the VM list on the left into the newly created Wasabi location, then click Save Changes to complete.

7. Once done, either start an Offsite Copy manually from the Offsite Copies menu or wait for your next Scheduled Offsite Copy job.

Reference documentation from Altaro Backup.


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