How can I migrate my data from one Wasabi bucket to another Wasabi bucket?

We are sometimes asked how to migrate the contents of one Wasabi bucket to other Wasabi bucket in the same or a different Wasabi region.  A potential use case of this capability would be to move your storage out of one Wasabi region to another Wasabi region.  Below is some guidance on this topic:

1. At this time, Wasabi does not have a tool for customers to use for this purpose.  

2. Wasabi does have a list of validated cloud-to-cloud migration tools that could be used for bucket migration.  We have had customers use services such as Flexify successfully for this use case.  Note that these services do charge a per-GB transfer fee to perform the migration. 

3. Depending on the volume of data, it may be more practical and/or less expensive to simply upload your data to the new Wasabi bucket.  

After you complete the bucket migration, but BEFORE you delete your original bucket, Wasabi can mark that bucket so that there are no deleted storage charges incurred as part of this bucket deletion ( please contact us for this setting to be made BEFORE you complete the source bucket deletion).



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