Wasabi Account Control API FAQs

The Wasabi Account Control API (formerly known as the Wasabi Partner API or the Wasabi Account Management API) enables you to manage multiple Wasabi accounts using API methods.  The documentation on the API can be found here.  If you do not wish to use the API and instead wish to use our hosted pre-built platform (the Wasabi Account Control Manager), more information on this platform can be found here


Below are several FAQs pertaining to the Wasabi Account Control API:

1.  Whats the difference between Wasabi Account Control API and S3 API Key?

Wasabi Account Control API keys are unique keyset of primary & secondary keys which are only used to create and manage your Wasabi Account Control API implementation. Each Wasabi account does not necessarily gain access to Wasabi Account Control API keyset. 

S3 API keys are unique keyset of Active & Secret keys which are only used to manage your storage account. Each Wasabi account is entitled for a minimum of One pair of S3 keys. 


2. Whats the difference between Primary & Secondary Wasabi Account Control API key?

Primary & Secondary API keys provided by Wasabi are not different in its entitlement. Either of the keys can be used for Wasabi Account Management API implementation.


3. I created a sub-account using this API, when I log into my control account, I don’t see it listed there, how do I check all the sub-accounts I have created?

A 'control' Wasabi account is no different to a sub-account from a storage perspective. Control accounts will NOT display the sub-accounts created via the Wasabi Account Control API interface. Only way to list all the sub-accounts created is by performing GET /v1/accounts operation via your existing Wasabi Account Control API implementation. 


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