What is Wasabi's Account Control Manager?

The Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) is a hosted platform that allows you to centrally manage Wasabi cloud storage accounts in a multi-tiered environment.  WACM is currently available for beta testing usage.

WACM harnesses the power of the Wasabi Account Management API and presents it as an easy-to-use graphical user interface.  This solution can be used to cut your Wasabi implementation time down to minutes instead of days and offers a simple to use graphical interface to setup your accounts right away to get users up and running faster, with less backend complexity.

NOTE: Please reach out to Wasabi support (support@wasabi.com) with any questions or suggestions about the product.


Sub-Account management:

  1. How do I create a Sub-Account in the trial phase?
  2. How do I change a Sub-Account trial?
  3. How do I convert a Sub-Account trial to a paying customer?


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