How do I import my sub-accounts into Wasabi Account Control Manager?

Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) has a feature to enable synchronization of sub-accounts  & all associated data into this platform. If sub-account(s) have been created & managed via a Wasabi Account Control API implementation outside of the WACM platform, they can be synchronized (or imported) & managed after via the platform. 

1. Login to the WACM platform


2. Click "Synchronize" 


NOTE: prior to Synchronize feature is run, there is only one sub-account under management


3. Synchronization process will commence



4. Once Synchronization exercise completes the additional sub-accounts will be listed




NOTE: browser session requires to be refreshed for the new data to be listed. If you have large amounts of sub-accounts or associated data, this operation may take a minute or slightly more to list all of the data. 

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