How do I filter for sub-accounts with Account Control Manager (WACM)?

Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) has a feature to enable Control Account users to filter when searching for sub-accounts. Filtering allows Control Account users to more precisely search for sub-accounts and their usage information by offering new criteria.

Control Account users can filter by ‘On Trial’ or ‘Status’. 



1. Filtering by Trial:


Select 'On Trial' to see which sub-accounts are currently Paid and which are on a free Trial.


2. Filtering by Status:


Select 'Status' to see which sub-accounts are currently Active and which have been Suspended.


3. Using the Date Picker with Filtering:


The Date Picker allows you to see usage information about any sub-account within the specified range of time.

NOTE: If the sub-account does not exist within this time frame, no data (zeroes) will appear in each of the relevant columns. 

Using the Date Picker while Filtering will empower the Control Account user to further refine their search. For example, seeing a certain window of usage information for a subset of sub-accounts.


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