How does Wasabi's monthly minimum storage charge work?

For customers that using Wasabi's pay-as-you-go pricing model, Wasabi has a minimum monthly charge associated with 1 TB of active storage. If you store less than 1 TB of active storage in your account, you will still be charged for 1 TB of storage based on the pricing associated with the storage region you are using.  

For example, if you store 750 GB with Wasabi for the duration of a billing cycle, this is less than the 1 TB monthly minimum.  As a result, you will incur a Minimum Active Storage charge as described below: 

Monthly Minimum Storage Volume = 1 TB (1024 GB) = $5.99 (assumes US / Europe region)

Amount of Timed Active Storage = 750 GB (equates to a charge of $4.39)

Minimum Active Storage Charge = 1 TB minus 750 GB = 274 GB (equates to a charge of $1.60)

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