How does Wasabi's monthly minimum storage charge work?

For customers that using Wasabi's pay-as-you-go pricing model, Wasabi has a minimum monthly charge associated with 1 TB of active storage. If you store less than 1 TB of active storage in your account, you will still be charged for 1 TB of storage based on the pricing associated with the storage region you are using.  

For example, if you store 750 GB with Wasabi for the duration of a billing cycle, this is less than the 1 TB monthly minimum.  As a result, you will incur a Minimum Active Storage charge as described below: 

Monthly Minimum Storage Volume = 1 TB (1024 GB) = $5.99 (assumes US / Europe region)

Amount of Timed Active Storage = 750 GB (equates to a charge of $4.39)

Minimum Active Storage Charge = 1 TB minus 750 GB = 274 GB (equates to a charge of $1.60)


Note: The policy also means that if you zero storage in your account, you will still incur the monthly minimum charge.  This policy is comparable to cell phone plans with monthly service charges (even if you don't make any calls, there is still a monthly service charge from the cell phone plan provider).    If you don't have any storage in your Wasabi account and wish to avoid monthly minimum storage charges, you should delete your Wasabi account.  It is not possible to 'pause' your Wasabi account for any period of non-use.  

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