Can I use Wasabi for Chia farming?

With the growing popularity of Chia, Wasabi is periodically asked if our cloud storage service can be used as part of a Chia farming setup.   In short, Wasabi can be used for virtually any object storage use case (Chia farming included) as long as the use case is compatible with our fair use and related policies.    Anyone thinking of using Wasabi for specifically for Chia farming should be aware of the following points:

1. Unlike other S3-compatible cloud storage services, Wasabi does not charge for data egress or API requests.  However, this does not mean you have unlimited access to as much of these resources as your use case may consume (see relevant policies below):

What these policies mean for Chia farming is that when your Chia plots are stored with Wasabi, you will want to make sure that the volume of egress or API request traffic does not exceed the guidelines we have provided in these policies.  For example, if you are using a S3 storage application to access the plots as part of a 'proof of space' dialog, you will want to make sure that this storage app is tuned to efficiently access your plots.   Some of our customers have had success using goofys for this purpose. If you want to understand how to use this app with Wasabi, please review this article

With normal Chia-associated proof of space dialogs, we do not expect you will conflict with these policies.  However, if you plan to download your plots from Wasabi cloud storage to local storage, you should be aware that if you download more than you store with us in the course of a monthly billing cycle, you would be in conflict with the policies.  It should also be noted that Wasabi does not have the ability to download your plots to a hard disk and ship the disk to you.

2. If your use case requires the frequent writing and rapid deletion of objects (files), then you will want to pay attention to Wasabi's minimum storage retention period (see relevant policy below):

What this policy means for the Chia use case is that if you store your plot with Wasabi and delete the plot within the minimum storage duration period, you will incur timed deleted storage charges.  In typical Chia farming use cases, we do not expect that farmers will delete their Chia plots within this minimum storage duration period, as Chia plots generally retain their value and we believe that Wasabi is a cost-effective storage location for them.

3. The Wasabi Customer Agreement and Platform Service Terms should be reviewed to ensure that your use case does not conflict with these policies in any area including security and network abuse.

4. It is also important to note that Wasabi is a storage service and does not provide cloud compute services that are relevant for some Chia farming setups.  You are welcome to use Wasabi with any cloud (or premises) compute environment and we do work closely with several cloud compute partners.   You should review the acceptable use and related policies from these compute providers to ensure that your use case is compatible with their policies.

5. For payment of our services, Wasabi accepts credit cards as noted here.   If you wish to purchase a reserved capacity commitment of Wasabi storage to enable further cost savings, the details are provided here.



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