How do I set Billing notifications with Wasabi?

Wasabi currently does not have a native feature for Billing Alerts/notifications and hence this KB document demonstrates how one can set this up via script(s) to get the Billing Summary of your account every day. 

Note that this Billing Summary will display FOUR items that are billable for your account up until the last billing job which runs once every day (Midnight UTC)

  1. Active Storage
  2. Deleted Storage
  3. Total Active Objects
  4. Total Deleted Objects

Before running the script:

  • Make sure you have installed AWS SDK boto3 for python on your CLI
  • Install Python 3+ version to run this script

Executions and Details of the Script (output screenshot attached):

1. Enter the 'wasabi_access_key' and 'wasabi_secret_key' for your account in the script

2. Enter the sender's email for 'gmail_sender' and the sender's password for 'gmail_password'

3. Finally, enter any email in the 'receiver' variable whom you wish to send Billing notifications every day

Code snippet where you need to enter this information:

wasabi_access_key = 'Wasabi-Access-Key'
wasabi_secret_key = 'Wasabi-Secret-Key'
gmail_sender = ''
receiver = ''
# If you have 2FA then please enable application passwords for separate instance login.
gmail_password = 'sender-Password'
 4. Save and run this script
NOTE this script assumes that you are using gmail as your smtp server if not please configure it accordingly.

import datetime
from email.message import EmailMessage

import requests
import smtplib

def calculate_size(size, _size_table):
This function dynamically calculates the right base unit symbol for size of the object.
:param size: integer to be dynamically calculated.
:param _size_table: dictionary of size in Bytes. Created in wasabi-automation.
:return: string of converted size.
count = 0
while size // 1024 > 0:
size = size / 1024
count += 1
return str(round(size, 2)) + ' ' + _size_table[count]

if __name__ == '__main__':
# Keys for accessing billing data.
wasabi_access_key = 'access-key'
wasabi_secret_key = 'secret-key'
gmail_sender = ''
receiver = ''
# If you have 2FA then please enable application passwords for separate instance login.
gmail_password = 'sender-password'

# Generate a table for SI units symbol table.
size_table = {0: 'Bs', 1: 'KBs', 2: 'MBs', 3: 'GBs', 4: 'TBs', 5: 'PBs', 6: 'EBs'}

# request for the billing api
response = requests.get("",
headers={"Authorization": f'{wasabi_access_key}:{wasabi_secret_key}'})
except Exception as e:
raise e

# get json data for billing
json_data = response.json()

# initialize a dict for adding up numbers
result = {'PaddedStorageSizeBytes': 0,
'NumBillableObjects': 0,
'DeletedStorageSizeBytes': 0,
'NumBillableDeletedObjects': 0

# get the initial time and check date only for this day.
initial_time = datetime.datetime.strptime(json_data[0]['StartTime'], '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')

# for each bucket add the the data to the dict
for bucket in json_data:
# check the time from the last day.
time = datetime.datetime.strptime(bucket['StartTime'], '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
# summing logic.
if ==
result['PaddedStorageSizeBytes'] += bucket['PaddedStorageSizeBytes']
result['DeletedStorageSizeBytes'] += bucket['DeletedStorageSizeBytes']
result['NumBillableObjects'] += bucket['NumBillableObjects']
result['NumBillableDeletedObjects'] += bucket['NumBillableDeletedObjects']

body = f"Billing Summary for {}" + "\n" \
+ 'Active storage: ' + calculate_size(result['PaddedStorageSizeBytes'], size_table) + "\n" \
+ 'Deleted storage: ' + calculate_size(result['DeletedStorageSizeBytes'], size_table) + "\n" \
+ 'Total Active objects: ' + str(result['NumBillableObjects']) + "\n" \
+ 'Total Deleted objects: ' + str(result['NumBillableDeletedObjects'])

server = smtplib.SMTP_SSL('', 465)
server.login(gmail_sender, gmail_password)
msg = EmailMessage()

msg['Subject'] = f'Wasabi Billing for {}'
msg['From'] = gmail_sender
msg['To'] = receiver

# Send the message via our own SMTP server.
except Exception as e:



The email notification you will receive will look something like this:



Now, you may set this script to run as a cron/scheduler and automatically run the script same time every day say at 9 AM to give you the Billing stats and notification for your Wasabi Account.


The above script as well as setting up cron/schedular instructions are attached to this KB document.




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