Wasabi Account Control Manager March 2022 Update

As of March 17th 2022, a new update for the Wasabi Account Control Manager will be available. The update is centered around new features and usability enhancements.

This article will lay out the new and updated features in detail.

To see the Wasabi Account Control Manager in action, watch the Deep Dive video here!

NOTE: This will not be available until after 9AM EST on March 17th, 2022. 


Sub-Account Storage Utilization Tracking 

Users of the Wasabi Account Control Manager are now able to assign storage to Sub-Accounts and track utilization of that assigned storage. 

Introduction of the Purchased Storage Field

The Purchased Storage Field is an optional field that was designed to allow you to track the amount of storage your customer has purchased from you or is allotted. This field is whole-number-only and TB only field that can be updated at any time. Purchased Storage in no way prohibits a Sub-Account from storing more data, it is purely for visualization purposes. 

The field exists in two places:

1. The Create Sub-Account form

The Purchased Storage field can be filled in on the Create Sub-Account form. This is not required and the Sub-Account can be created without it filled it. Should you choose to fill this out, it can be modified at any time in the Sub-Account Profile.


2. Sub-Account Profile page 

The Purchased Storage field in the Sub-Account Profile page can be found in the "Customer Tracking" module. This field is optional and can be modified at any time. 


Storage Utilization Column

The Storage Utilization Column is a reflection of Purchased Storage compared to the current Total Storage of the Sub-Account: (Sub-Account Active + Deleted storage) / Purchased Storage

This provides a percentage called Storage Utilization. The levels you set as a part of Sub-Account Utilization Thresholds above help to determine the colors of the Storage Utilization column. 


Seen in the image below, different levels of Storage Utilization meeting the different Utilization Thresholds you've set allow you to easily see which Sub-Accounts are close to hitting 100% of their purchased storage. The colors are there to help you see this clearly. 

It is also possible for Sub-Accounts to exceed 100%. Storage Utilization and Purchased Storage in no way prohibit a Sub-Account from storing more data, it is purely for visualization purposes.


Sub-Account Utilization Thresholds

Utilization Thresholds are thresholds set in your Account tab, when you access your Account Profile. These Thresholds determine two things: 

1. The colorization of the Storage Utilization Column in the Sub-Account page. 

2. At what percentage of Storage Utilization you get Utilization Threshold notifications 



Email Notifications

As a part of this update, users can choose to Enable or Disable two types of email notifications: A Daily Utilization Email Report and a Utilization Threshold Notification. This can be done from the user's profile page. 


Daily Utilization Email Report

The Daily Utilization Email Report provides an overview of Sub-Account data. Additionally, the top 10 Sub-Accounts with the most stored data are listed in the email. To receive this email daily, click the Daily Report email toggle to 'on' (blue).


Once the Daily Utilization Report is turned on, you will receive a report each day at approximately 22:00 UTC.



Utilization Threshold Notification

As noted previously, each of these Utilization Thresholds are configurable. Notifications can be turned on for each of the three levels of Utilization. To receive this email when a Sub-Account crosses a Utilization Threshold, click the Level 1, Level 2, and or Level 3 Utilization email toggle to 'on' (blue). You will only receive emails related to specific Utilization Thresholds if you have turned them on. Screen_Shot_2022-03-10_at_9.31.44_AM.png

Once these toggles are set as you wish to receive notifications, any Sub-Account who crosses a specific Utilization Threshold that you have turned on notifications for will appear like the email below.


Translated Emails for Utilization Report and Threshold Notification

Users will receive these two types of emails in the language they chose in WACM. The application saves the language that the user chose and sends both the Daily Utilization Email Report and Utilization Threshold Notification emails in the user's preferred language. 

Send Test Email

Users can send a test email via a "Send test email" function. This will deliver a sample Daily Report to your email and confirm that you can successfully receive the reports. 



Data Cards in the Sub-Account Tab

Users are now able to see a host of new metrics, conveniently compiled for them at the top of the Sub-Account tab. What each data of the four cards mean:

  • Paid Accounts - The number of Paid Accounts represents the quantity of both suspended and active Sub-Accounts who have been converted to Paid.
  • On-Trial - The number of On-Trial accounts represents the quantity of both suspended and active Sub-Accounts who are currently on trial.
  • Avg total Storage per Account - The average Total Storage per Sub-Account, both On-Trial and Paid.
  • Total Storage - The aggregated Total Storage of all Sub-Accounts. 


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