How do I change my Invoice Billing Address?

Sometimes customers notice that their billing address shown on Invoices is not their desired address.  The billing address that is shown on an invoice for PayGo customers is directly from what information is entered into the Credit Card form when becoming a paid account.  In order to change this, customers must log in to the Web Console -> Billing -> Payment Settings.  Once on this page, the credit card information including the billing address can be edited:



All fields on the credit card form must be satisfied, the only field that does not need anything is the "Middle Name" field.  So if entering a company's billing address, you may need to determine what to put into the First and Last Name fields.  Otherwise, all else is the standard address and phone number.


NOTE: The information that is entered for your billing address DOES NOT have to match what may be associated with the credit card.  The only information that is used to validate the card is the card's number, expiration date, 3-4 digit security code, and sometimes, the ZIP code for the billing address.  All other fields are not checked or validated.  When editing a card billing address, it will also have you enter ALL card credentials again: cc number, expiration date, and 3-4 digit security code.


NOTE: When saving the edited card info/credentials, you will notice another $1 authorization hold since it will attempt to revalidate the card.  This authorization hold will be removed within a few business days.

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