What is the sign up process for WCSM - Bucket Replication?

In order to access Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM), please follow the steps in this article.  The below video provides a tutorial on this process.


1. Please complete the questionnaire at https://info.wasabi.com/wcsm-questionnaire

2. Once we receive this completed questionnaire from you, our team will review the information. If there are no further questions, a Wasabi sales rep will send a $0 quote to you for signature.

3. Once we receive the signed quote, you will receive an WCSM activation welcome email (example below). 


4. Click on the link to verify your email address. 

5. Set a login password, accept the terms and conditions and then click on Sign Up.



At this point your WCSM account has been activated. You can now adding your Wasabi account credentials and begin configuring replication jobs. 



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