How a channel can provide access to Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) for Wasabi bucket replication?

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) provides customers the benefit replicating their data from one Wasabi storage region to another Wasabi storage region.   For channel partners, there are several different methods to provide access to WCSM for your customers. 

Note: The process listed below is the same for Wasabi PayGo and RCS subscribers.

1. Partners who manage end customers via WACM (Wasabi Account Control Manager):

The signup process documented here will apply to the Wasabi Control Account holder. Control account holders are required to execute a no-cost quote in order to be activated for WCSM. You can request a WCSM quote from your Wasabi sales rep.

From that point onwards, the Control Account holder can activate any number of end-customers/sub-accounts by simply following the 2 steps below:

  • Complete the "Wasabi Bucket Replication (Wasabi to Wasabi)" questionnaire at for each sub-account
  • Send an email to requesting bucket replication for the sub-account, and include the email address where you would like the activation link to be sent


2. Partners who manage multiple standalone Wasabi accounts: 

If you are a MSP managing the Wasabi storage accounts of your customers, you can signup for WCSM access using the standard process described here.   Once this is done, simply add multiple Wasabi storage accounts to the same WCSM account. You can then manage replication jobs as the Admin for all your end customers.


3. Distributors / VARs (Not managing via WACM)

For Distributors / VARs, if your end users would like to use WCSM, please have the end user complete the WCSM questionnaire, and then request a no-cost quote from your Wasabi sales rep with the end user’s Wasabi account information.

Once the quote is executed and returned, an activation email will be sent automatically to the Wasabi account email address.




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